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We strive to help customers get more from life with HASL Asia

Company background

HASL Asia enjoys a unique blend of Eastern and Western heritage inherited from our Mainland China and UK background

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Heng An Standard Life Asia earns industry recognition for its professional services and products

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Investment-linked insurance plans

Our investment-linked insurance plan may help you capture market potential and cater for your insurance needs



Enjoy peace of mind for you and your family with extensive health coverage

Refundable Critical Illness Insurance Plan

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Calculate the interest rate from a range of currencies and dates

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Calculate the exchange rate from a range of currencies and dates

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Access forms to switch policies, sign up for investments, change personal information

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Choose your preferred way to pay for policies, investments, and more


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Go green

Go green, go paperless Support environmental friendliness by moving away from paper to electronic notices

Investment information

Professional investment management

Our investment-linked insurance plans offer a wide range of investment choices linked to underlying funds managed by reputable investment managers

Notice in relation to investment choices

Stay fully informed on your investments with the up-to-date notices

Our Investment Choices

Investment involves risks. Past performance is not indicative of future performance. For details of the risk factors, fees and charges of the plan, please refer to the offering documents of the relevant plan.


Hong Kong New Capital Investment Entrant Scheme

Committed to offering more with wealth-focused insurance solutions, catering to customers’ financial needs under the New CIES

Education series

Gain more understanding about your insurance with our guides, from basic principles to managing investments over the long term

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Follow trends and get the latest information about various industry sectors and behaviours


A lexicon of insurance-related words to help aid your understanding

Our brand

Our brand

Coming together to 
bring you more

Our logo

The HASL Asia logo is inspired by the form of sea shell, which symbolises protection of life. The orange colour expresses warmth and energy, and the blue conveys trust and stability. Interlinked, they symbolise togetherness in harmony with care and responsibility, showing our long-term commitment to offering customers with a wider suite of wealth-focused insurance solutions.

HASL logo

Get more from life

People want peace of mind when seeking insurance. We strive to help customers get more from life with HASL Asia:

More helpful: we support each other and our customers, ready and willing to help

More easy: we make selecting, buying and managing insurance hassle free

More certain: we make prudent decisions to help secure more stable futures

More opportunities: we have more products, more choices and more potential, giving you the chance to grow

More synergy: we combine Eastern and Western heritage to provide the strategic intelligence for better decision-making


The insurance and wealth management market is fast evolving. To continuously enhance our services and strengthen investor education, we have established the “MoreAcademy”. We partner with different academic institutions and organisations to nurture talents and uplift professionalism for the long-term development of the sector.  

Leveraging on the strong and lasting partnership with world-renowned asset management companies and financial advisers, we are committed to empowering customers on their investment journey.

HASL Asia takes pride of our unique blend of Eastern and Western heritage inherited from our Mainland China and UK background. With such unique heritage, we strive to help our customers, business partners and people get more from life.


One plus one equals more

HASL Asia's presence in Hong Kong can be traced back to 1999 when it was established under the name of “Standard Life (Asia) Limited” and registered as an authorised insurer in Hong Kong. It was a wholly owned subsidiary of abrdn plc (previously named “Standard Life Aberdeen plc”) until June 2020 when it was sold to Heng An Standard Life Insurance Company Limited (“HASL”) with the strategic goal to align abrdn plc's Mainland China and Hong Kong insurance businesses.

HASL Asia enjoys a unique blend of Eastern and Western heritage inherited from its Mainland China and UK background. Upholding the brand proposition, "Get more from life", HASL Asia is committed to offering more to customers.