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Important information before investment

The Plan(s)* is/are a life insurance policies issued by Heng An Standard Life (Asia) Limited (“HASL Asia”,  “Company”, “we” or “us”). Your investments in the Plan are subject to the credit risks of the Company.

The premiums/contributions you pay, after deduction of any applicable fees and charges of your policy(s), will be invested by the Company in the underlying funds you selected and will accordingly go towards accretion of the value of your policy account.  The value of your policy account will be calculated by the Company based on the performance of your selected underlying funds from time to time and the ongoing fees and charges which will continue to be deducted from the value of your policy account. Therefore, your potential return may be lower than the return of the corresponding underlying funds due to the applicable fees and charges of the Plan.

All premiums/contributions you paid towards the Plan(s), and any investments made by the Company in the underlying funds you selected, will become and remain the assets of the Company. You do not have any legal or beneficial rights or ownership over any of those assets. Your recourse is against the Company only.

Early surrender, termination or withdrawal of the Plan(s)/ suspension of or reduction in premium/contribution may result in a significant loss of principal and/or bonuses awarded (if applicable). Poor performance of the underlying funds may further magnify your investment losses, while all charges are still deductible.

The investment choices available under the Plan(s) can have very different features and risk profiles. Some may be of high risk. Some underlying funds may have a net derivative exposure of more than 50% of the net asset value of the underlying fund. Investments in derivatives involve additional risks such as leverage risk, counterparty risks, liquidity risk, valuation risk, volatility risk and over-the-counter transaction risk. The price of the underlying funds and the relevant investment choices may therefore be more volatile. In adverse situations, investing in derivatives may result in substantial loss.

If the insurance coverage for your policy incurs cost of insurance, you should note the followings:

  • The cost of insurance for your life coverage may increase significantly during the term of your policy due to a combination of factors, for example, age, gender, investment return of your investment choices. etc.
  • The higher the cost of insurance, the lesser your premium/ contribution is available for investment purpose.
  • The cost of insurance may increase significantly to a level exceeding your regular premium/ contribution payment, particularly where your investment choices have been incurring significant losses. In such case, your policy value will be deducted to cover the cost of insurance and other charges of your policy. This may result in significant or even total loss of your investment and premium/ contribution paid.
  • If the value of your policy is not enough to cover the policy charges (including the cost of insurance and other charges), your policy will be terminated early and you will not be able enjoy any targeted death benefit or other benefit from the policy.

Please read the offering documents of the relevant Plan which include the product brochure, product key facts statement and “Investment Choices Brochure”. You should also refer to the offering documents of the underlying funds for details.

The investment returns of the Plans may be subject to foreign exchange risks as some of the investment choices you selected and/or the assets of their underlying funds may be denominated in a currency which is different from that of your policy.

Investment involves risks. You should not purchase the Plan(s) unless you understand it and it has been explained to you how it is suitable for you. The final decision is yours.

You should not solely rely on the information provided in this website for making any investment decisions. You are reminded to read carefully the offering documents of the relevant Plan for further details including risk factors, fees and charges and product features.

This website is prepared and issued by Heng An Standard Life (Asia) Limited.

* This website is applicable to the following plans which are currently marketed to the public in Hong Kong: Aspiration, Fortuity and Heritage, and the following plans which are currently not marketed to the public in Hong Kong, Aspire Investment Plan, Flexi-Pro, FutureCompass RI, FutureCompass SI, Harvest 101 Investment Plan, Harvest Elite Investment Plan, Harvest Wealth Investment Plan, Harvest Supreme Investment Plan, Leap Single Investment Plan, LifeMaster, Pro-Investor Investment Plan, Reach Retirement Plan, Spectrum Retirement Plan, Spring Education Plan, Steps Regular Investment Plan, Wealth Achiever Investment Plan and Wealth Amplifier Investment Plan (each a “Plan” and collectively, the “Plans”).